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Say goodbye to your old-school landline.

Reimagine your telephone service with crystal-clear digital voice technology and convenient features that keep up with an on-the-go lifestyle.

Hear the difference – loud and clear.

With updated technology and flexible features, your landline can fit in perfectly with your digital world. Experience complete freedom with unlimited local calling.


Get the flexibility you need with the option to keep your phone number private, a choice between long distance plans and the option to filter out unwanted “robo-calls.”

Peace of Mind

Get the ultimate security of knowing that anyone can use your phone in an emergency – no pass codes or fingerprints necessary. Get the best audio quality with a landline phone and options for special needs accessibility.


Price Per Line
Teen Line

*Requires a standard phone line

Teen Line (also called Distinctive Ring) feature allows you to have two telephone numbers with unique ringing patterns for each number (and unique Call Waiting tones if you have the Call Waiting feature). This feature allows you to determine for whom a call is intended. You can also use it to distinguish between business and personal calls. It’s like having a second line at a fraction of the cost!

Fax Line
* Pricing may vary based on zip code.

Long Distance Plans

1,000 Minutes of Long Distance Calling

Home Phone On The Go

Find Me Follow Me sends your incoming home phone calls to your mobile phone while keeping your mobile phone number private. You can receive calls on your cell phone without the need to give out your cell number.

Call Filtering

With call filtering enabled on your phone line, callers must verify their identity. This service is intended to filter out “robo-calls” and allow you to block phone numbers you no longer wish to receive calls from.

More Features

Publishing Options

Opt to have your number publically listed in the phone book or unlisted for ultimate privacy

Phone Number Transfer

Choose to get a new home phone number or ask us about transferring your existing number from another provider.

3 way calling

Conference in a third number using Three Way Calling when you're on the phone.

Caller ID

See names and numbers for most incoming calls with our enhanced Caller ID, even when you are on the phone.

Call Forwarding

Sends your incoming calls to another telephone number.


Get a voice mailbox to retrieve all of your voice mail messages. Now you can check your home voicemail when you’re away from home.

Call Waiting

Get notified when you're on the phone that another call is coming in.

Telephone Accessibility

The telecommunications relay service is an ADA accessibility tool which allows individuals who are deaf, deaf/blind, hard of hearing, or have difficulty speaking to communicate via telephone. Specially trained confidentiality operators complete relay calls and stay on the line to relay conversations electronically over a text telephone (TTY) or verbally between the callers.