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April 5, 2022

Estherville Communications to Expand Fiber Optics in Estherville, IA

Estherville Communications places fiber optic technology in Estherville

Estherville, IA.  – April 4, 2022 – Estherville Communications, a new communications company formed by a partnership between Premier Communications and River Valley Telecommunications Coop, is expanding its fiber optic network to additional areas of the town and rural areas. Estherville Communications offers fiber-based high-speed Internet, digital TV, voice and business communications services.

Seeing a need in the community of Estherville, Estherville Communications began placing fiber optics throughout the business corridor beginning in the Fall of 2021 and continuing into the Spring of 2022. Based on the feedback and excitement from the community, Estherville Communications has decided to continue deploying fiber to the rest of the Estherville community.

“There is a strong need for fiber-based communications services within Estherville,” comments Ryan Boone, CEO of Premier Communications. “We are excited to expand this future-proof network to provide customers with state-of-the-art services for decades to come.” “This expanded fiber network will allow businesses and residents in town and the surrounding rural area the opportunity to have the latest products and services,” adds Ivan Dalen, General Manager of River Valley Telecommunications Coop. “This is truly a game changer for the greater Estherville community.”

The cost to bring fiber optics to the town of Estherville is estimated to be $13 million, along with an additional rural investment of $9 million, bringing the entire Estherville town and rural fiber investment to $22 million. The project will be constructed in several phases:

Phase I: Business corridor – construction is complete

Phase II: Area north of Hwy 9 and east of the Des Moines River – Summer/Fall 2022

Rural Phase: Entire Estherville exchange – Summer/Fall 2023

Phase III: Remainder of the Estherville Community – Fall 2023, Spring 2024